YWCA Durham

VAW Emergency Shelter, Stand alone Transitional/ Second Stage Housing

YWCA Durham is a trusted community leader that provides high quality programs, services and resources that respond to the needs of women, children, youth and families. We provide an inclusive community where women, children, youth and families are safe, inspired and empowered to grow.

Organization Information

Address: Oshawa, Ontario

Phone Number: (905) 576-6356

Crisis Line: (905) 576-2997 or 1-888-576-2997

Email: info@ywcadurham.org

Web: http://www.ywcadurham.org

Hours of operation: Varies by program (contact organization to inquire)


Services Available:
VAW Shelter
VAW Counselling/Support Services
VAW Housing Support/Advocacy/THSP
VAW Crisis Line Support
Transitional/Second Stage Housing Program
Support/service for children/youth who have experienced violence/abuse
Support/service for children/youth who have witnessed violence/abuse
Education/Prevention Services for Children and Youth
Education/Prevention Services for Adults

Organization Located In: Urban (population 100,000 and over)


Languages Available: English, French, Spanish, Urdu

Translation Services: Yes

Initial Contact: Text Phone , Email

Ongoing Service Delivery: Text Phone Email

Accessibility: Partially

Gender-neutral Bathrooms: Yes

Childcare Services: No

Specialized/targeted Programming:
Children and Youth
Francophone survivors

Inclusivity Policies: Trauma-Informed Service Framework, Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression (Policy Includes Complaint Procedure), Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Framework, Sex-Work Positive Framework, Harm Reduction Framework, Feminist Intersectional Framework, Organization-wide capacity to provide responsive service to trans and non-binary individuals and communities

Transportation Costs Provided For: Emergency Transportation (to shelter)

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Services at a Glance

Accessibility icon Accessibility

Pets off-site icon Pet Accommodations Off-site

Accessibility icon Accessibility

Pets off-site icon Pet Accommodations Off-site

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