Resolve Counselling Services Canada

Community Counselling Centre

Resolve Counselling Services Canada provides quality counselling services to significantly improve the social, emotional and economic well-being of individuals and families.

Organization Information

Address: 417 Bagot St, Kingston, Ontario

Phone Number: 613-549-7850



Hours of operation: Varies by day (contact organization to inquire)


Services Available:
VAW Counselling/Support Services
VAW Housing Support/Advocacy/THSP
Legal Services/Advocacy
Perpetrator/Aggressor focused services
Healthy-masculinity focused programming
Survivor engagement groups

Organization Located In: Urban (population 100,000 and over)


Languages Available: English, French, Arabic, Punjabi , Urdu, German, Hungarian

Translation Services: Yes

Initial Contact: In-person (walk in services), Phone

Ongoing Service Delivery: In-person, Phone

Accessibility: Yes, fully

Gender-neutral Bathrooms: Yes

Childcare Services: No

Specialized/targeted Programming:
Children and Youth
Indigenous survivors
Older Adults
Perpetrators/Aggressors of violence/abuse/unsafe behaviours in relationships
Survivors of Exploitation and Human Trafficking
Two Spirited, Gender Diverse, Gender Non-Conforming and Trans Individuals

Inclusivity Policies: Trauma-Informed Service Framework, Trauma-Informed - Policy Includes Training, Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression (Policy Includes Complaint Procedure), Feminist Intersectional Framework (Policy Includes Complaint Procedure), Harm Reduction (Policy Includes Complaint Procedure), Service Trans and Non-Binary (Policy Includes Complaint Procedure), Informed-Consent Framework, Informed-Consent (Policy Includes Complaint Procedure), Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Framework, Informed-Consent (Policy Includes Training), Trauma-Informed - Policy Includes Complaint Procedure, Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression (Policy Includes Training), Feminist Intersectional Framework (Policy Includes Training), Harm Reduction (Policy Includes Training), Service Trans and Non-Binary (Policy Includes Training), Harm Reduction Framework, Feminist Intersectional Framework, Organization-wide capacity to provide responsive service to trans and non-binary individuals and communities

Transportation Costs Provided For: Public Transportation for programming/appointments

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Services at a Glance

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Accessibility icon Accessibility

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