Northwestern Ontario Women's Centre

Women’s Centre, Community-based advocacy services

Northwestern Ontario Women’s Centre is a non-profit, community-based feminist organization providing frontline advocacy, support and information to local and regional self-identified women experiencing violence, poverty, human rights concerns or problems with legal (family, criminal) or administrative systems.

We provide system navigation, referral, legal rights, information and documentation support for women experiencing gender based violence and coercive control, with a particular focus on family law situations. We work with other agencies such as women’s shelters, VWAP, legal clinics, etc. and Luke’s Place Virtual Legal Clinic to ensure women experiencing violence can access legal advice, safety planning, risk assessment and connect with appropriate supporting services. We coordinate a community based High Risk GBV protocol.

Our work is framed with an Anti Racist, Anti Oppressive approach and is trauma informed. We are committed to principles of reconciliation and building respectful relationships with Indigenous people and leadership. Our public legal education and systemic advocacy focuses on access to justice and the prevention of gender based violence; and provides individual women and gender diverse people with the information and access they need to make informed and strategic choices.

Organization Information

Address: 73 N. Cumberland St., Thunder Bay, Ontario



Hours of operation: Varies by day (contact organization to inquire)


Services Available:
VAW Legal Support/Advocacy
VAW Housing Support/Advocacy/THSP
Legal Services/Advocacy
Accountability and/or justice focused programming
Community-based advocacy services

Organization Located In: Urban (population 100,000 and over)


Languages Available: English

Translation Services: Yes

Initial Contact: In-person (walk in services) Phone , Email to:

Ongoing Service Delivery: In-person Phone Email, Zoom

Accessibility: Partially

Gender-neutral Bathrooms: Yes

Childcare Services: No

Specialized/targeted Programming:
None of the above

Inclusivity Policies: Trauma-Informed Service Framework, Informed-Consent Framework, Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Framework, Sex-Work Positive Framework, Harm Reduction Framework, Feminist Intersectional Framework, Organization-wide capacity to provide responsive service to trans and non-binary individuals and communities

Transportation Costs Provided For: Public Transportation for programming/appointments

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Services at a Glance

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